Beta version live

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Beta version live

After a successful test phase, in which a team of several people has been working towards the 'end result' is iBucketList ready for the next step. Version 1.0 of the website has just gone live!

The website contains, from the start, over 3,500 bucket list ideas spread over 16 categories.  A start as a fully-fledged website. But we are not there yet.

It is the mission of iBucketList to:

  • inspire people, facilitate and encourage them to lead an extraordinary life;
  • give companies the opportunity to provide activities and information to the right people.

Functionality is tuned in the coming period, usability is optimized and content is refined and expanded. We have chosen to launch iBucketList first silently, before going up a press release and launch marketing campaigns. In this way we can, in the first period, some business 'fine tune' so that future users have an optimal experience.

Anyway, we hope that you will use the iBucketList platform with pleasure. May iBucketList inspire you, so other people will be inspired by you.

Special thanks go to:

  • Stijn Boemaars
    Designing the logo and corporate identity. Dorgaans designs and developed Stijn interior and other products.
  • Forwart
    Web design & development.
  • Skydive Spain
    Photo (skydiver) on the homepage.

Do you have suggestions, there is something that is not (properly) function or you have ideas for a partnership please contact us.


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