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Did you know that people who juggle have bigger brains? And this is not the only advantage that juggling is going to bring ....

When I first got a few juggling balls in my hands in 1996, I just wanted to learn the skill. There was no YouTube yet, and a juggler instructor was also out of reach, we were dependent on the Yellow Pages ;-). I was doing a lot of hardcore practice and when I succeeded, the feeling was "awsome." Everyone around me asked me to learn them as well. I taught them with a lot of passion and fun. Because every time I taught someone 'the skill' and they got the taste of it, I got that 'awsome feeling' that I had when I learned to juggle myself.

That's my drive and that's why I love what I do. I teach you the skills and especially the juggling pleasure. Juggling teaches you in a positive way to keep several balls in the air. I guarantee that you learn a good skill that makes you focus more. You can even relax in a fun way during your work. (Preferably not if your pilot please. ;-)) Juggling never bores and there is always something to learn. Your brain becomes bigger and you are happier.

Also, learn to juggle a 'homemade juggler' :-). Jongleren met Ray is fun and at the same time lets you grow your brain and you'll learn an "awsome" skill for life. Want to know what the possibilities are or even better, Jongeleren met Ray rises to the top of your bucket list. Take action now and you'll juggle like a pro.

Learn to juggle @ Jongleren met Ray

Learn to juggle @ Jongleren met Ray

Juggling was already known to the ancient Egyptians and has remained throughout the age...

Juggling was already known to the ancient Egyptians and has remained throughout the ages. Juggling is more than just throwing a few balls. It's an absolute "mind game" combined with action! People who juggle have bigger brains. Do you know that most people will not learn to juggle without some help? They start wrong so they will never master it. Come to Jongleren met Ray, I guarantee that I can teach everyone the basics of juggling. And if you've laid the foundation, addiction adds the rest. Next, you are unstoppable;-)

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